F.T.I. Class Registration

Spiritual Formation

This course identifies how God offers Himself and how believers respond through spiritual disciplines, Scripture, personal experiences, literature and events. The course is both didactic and experiential in the understanding that in order to develop an intimate relationship with God one must both gain knowledge and experience spiritual transformation.

This course focuses on the development of the believer’s spiritual life. Attention is given to the spiritual disciplines, prayer, and the biblical nature of calling, ministry, character, and the relation of spiritual formation to the doctrine of sanctification.

School Structure

- 5 weeks pre-work

- 1 week of 3 hour classes

- 5 weeks post work

Mavis has a heart to see passionate people grow in their understanding of Biblical Theology!! Each class requires a three month commitment including one week of onsite lectures as well as Bible and textbook reading assignments, quizzes, and a final. She works hard to make the doctrines easy to understand for everyone but still life changing and most importantly true to the Word of God. Don't miss out on experiencing this powerful tool!!