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Stay Connected!!!


Stay connected with WILD and what God is speaking today. Dig deeper into all He has for you and your life, both personally and as a part of His greater scheme!!! 

Thoughts from Mavis

You are loved, You are valuable, and You are created with beauty and a purpose!! You don't need to talk like the rest, look like the rest, or be like the rest, the world needs you as you are!! Get more nuggets like these to meditate on throughout your week. 

Ultimate WILDness

It has been said that success in life comes from who you know! We couldn’t agree more!! Knowing Jesus Christ and having a personal relationship with Him is the Key to Ultimately Winning In Life. 


Only God can turn a MESS into a message, a TEST into a testimony, a TRIAL into a triumph, and a VICTIM into a victor!! Rejoice with us for Gods work in lives all over the world and let us know what He is doing for you!!!


Dig deeper into what God has and wants for HIs people today!! Mavis provides a great message to help you get started!!

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