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W.I.L.D. Words!!

Stay in touch with WILD Ministries through our newsletter ministry called W.I.L.D. Words. 

...think about hearing these word from the lips of Jesus!  WOW! He’s telling us something: Stay ready for action and stay on fire! I love that and it resonates with me so much in a day where the heaviness of grief and pressure are causing much of the church to sleep – just like the disciples in the garden right before the crucifixion. Their hearts were heavy with sorrow and confusion regarding ensuing events which were clouding their minds...If we are going to be able to focus on Jesus we are going to have to let go of some things! Our wounds and sin, which we can easily fall into especially if we are weary and not watchful, must be dealt with so we are unhindered in our focus on Jesus!...Let’s intentionally shift our focus to Jesus and never take for granted what has been given so freely to us….

Encouragement Corner

Scan the box with your camera, fill out the form and be watching your inbox– even the spam folder at first. Newsletters will come to your email equipped with giving and shopping options as well as links to lots of great resources to help you study and grow in the Lord!

Beginning January 2023!!

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We are going digital and would love to include you!!!

Happy New Year to all our friends and family!...we look forward with great anticipation for the new season He is opening for us in 2023!...We need Jesus like never before….not just a head nod or acknowledgment of His existence, we need a living, breathing, authentic day to day relationship with Him. We need to transition from knowing about Him to knowing Him; from knowing that He speaks to us to actually hearing His voice...God knows the end from the beginning and following Him in wisdom will lead us where we need to go, in the right way and at the right time. God is not surprised or confused about what is going on and His plans for you...


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