W.I.L.D. Words!!

If we’ve learned anything in this challenging season it’s that we must take care of our hearts!  Jesus spoke in detail about the end times, giving us many of the warning signs and how to be prepared for them...Often as we are in the daily grind, we are unaware of our inner life – what is happening to our hearts?  Are our hearts weighed down?...Our faith is what we believe about God!  How great is our God?  We need a fresh revelation of the greatness of God in this season!  I encourage you...

Happy New Year!  We had no idea…..on January 1, 2020 as we entered not only a new year but a new decade, what that year would require of us, for many: would take from us and how it would change everything.  It feels as if everything we knew or had relied upon was not reliable.  We began to question everything and we sought God harder, than possibly we ever had.  We are still in the throes of 2020 as we enter this new year and I want to encourage us...


Stay in touch with WILD Ministries through our newsletter ministry called W.I.L.D. Words. Mavis shares what's on her heart, upcoming events, and prayer requests through this minisrty. We have made the newsletters easy for you to download and have on hand for the month as encouragement for you personally and to help you stay in touch with WILD!! We hope you take advantage of this great tool!!! 

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