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Who would do this?!   Who would die for someone who was evil, undeserving?  Who would die for even someone who was good?  Not just in theory – love sometimes says, “I love you so much I would do anything for you – I would even give my life.” But in reality – really die?...This is where the great divide between Christianity and every other religion and cult is irreconcilable. No other religions offers a Savior….One Who comes down to where we are.... This is the message the weary and religiously “burnt out” long to hear and to know is available!...

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Life can be overwhelming at times…decisions, world events, disappointments, busyness, expectations, misunderstandings, relational challenges, parenting…..  Sometimes we can feel as if we are in way over our head.  This is exactly why we were never meant to make it on our own....It’s time to take a deep breath and remember the One Who holds us in the palm of His hands that are scarred with the marks that purchased us!...It’s time to stop allowing the pressures of the enemy stifle our hearts with anxiety and worry.  Let’s take a hold of the love of God like never before, rest in the....