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Our world is changing and it is changing quickly!  We have been in a societal upheaval with the radicalization of ideas, evolving definitions, and chaotic economic stresses.  Many are decrying the government and their decisions, or the lack thereof.  Others are just wishing for normalcy. It is time to…We must intentionally choose to immerse ourselves in God’s Word, His ideas, and not allow ourselves to be lulled to sleep! Choose to be transformed and a transformer!  Let’s GO!

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In all of the voluminous words and thoughts about the end-times, there is an absolutely indisputable key to our personal lives that must be attended to.  We must pay attention to the condition of our hearts!...To say that forgiveness is important is a huge understatement; it is absolutely essential.  It cannot and must not be ignored or left undone!...When God asks us to take heed to our hearts in difficult times it is not for Him, it is for us.  When God asks us to forgive as He has forgiven, it is for us…