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One of our primary roles as citizens of this planet is to work the area that we have been given.  It’s interesting that in the original language of Hebrew, this word for “work” also carries the connotation of worship.  In other words, whatever we set our hands to do or care for is not only to be labor but the very act of it releases worship to God… Our field isn’t just our personal plot of land but the area in our life that we are given stewardship over, i.e. family, marriage, interpersonal relationships, ministry, churches, neighborhoods, businesses, etc…. Be diligent to discern and identify the cancerous error that looks so similar to the truth.  We are seeing in our day the fruits of fields left untended.  Let’s roll up our sleeves, be willing to sweat in labor over the truth and its propagation!..

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Encouragement Corner

It has become increasingly obvious over the past few years that pressure and stress is mounting both within the church and without. We have a choice to live by what He has spoken and have peace or live in the frustration and turmoil all around us. This is why this is the greatest hour for Jesus’ people. We must awaken out of our slumber and come to attention with courage and resolve as those who have an answer and aid in this hour of distress.  We MUST break out of status quo living and Christianity. With fresh determination, and for the sake of our families and future generations, let’s engage ourselves anew in the Word, studying and teaching and training those in our circle of influence.  We were born for such a time as this!...


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