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We are a month past the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord but we must not put away our joy and celebratory praise because a date on the calendar is passed.  The reality of the resurrection is beyond our vocabulary in wonder and the magnitude of its effects!...God desires for us to live in the reality of our justification – NOW!  To live like we aren’t bound by sin and death and the sin nature....The truth is, we cannot live powerful lives when we are weighted down by guilt and condemnation. Let’s begin to live in the reality of the resurrection!  No longer do we need to live in...

It’s easy to get caught up in all the craziness that has only escalated through this past year...I’ve also noticed that there is a realization as to what is truly important.  We have begun to seek new ways to be innovative in reaching out in these times and having a greater impact on those around us. And maybe, hopefully, we have even become more “others” conscious...I want to encourage you with all my heart today that we must begin to cultivate this fruit in our lives.  There is plenty of evidence of the predominance of the works of the flesh both within and outside the church.  We are called, equipped, empowered, and mandated to be the change...


Stay in touch with WILD Ministries through our newsletter ministry called W.I.L.D. Words. Mavis shares what's on her heart, upcoming events, and prayer requests through this minisrty. We have made the newsletters easy for you to download and have on hand for the month as encouragement for you personally and to help you stay in touch with WILD!! We hope you take advantage of this great tool!!! 

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