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-Partner With Us- 






    Partnership is such a vital ingredient in advancing the kingdom of God on the earth. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, partnership is “a relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal.”


Our specified goals are:

1)Teaching the Word of God!
2)Training believers in righteousness.
3)Transforming lives by the ministry of the Word and the Holy Spirit.
4)Touching the world with the love of God.


    Partnership with W.I.LD. Ministries can take place in a couple of ways. First of all, we are in need of prayer partners. Prayer precedes the work of God in the earth. We need individuals to agree with us in prayer for the will of God to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Secondly, we want to offer you the opportunity to partner with us financially. We realize that the Gospel is free but the means of communicating the free Gospel costs. We want to make His Word and His love known in every way possible. God is opening new doors of opportunity and through our partnerships we are making an impact.


     If you would like to join us and become part of helping us to impact the world with the love of God, you may do so by clicking on the donate button. 


   We count it an awesome privilege to partner with you in advancing the Kingdom of God in the earth. We pray for our partners on a regular basis and are developing more partner services through our website at this time. Please indicate through our contact information, below, your desire to partner with us so that we may better serve you. Also, if you have any specific prayer requests these may be indicated there as well!

   Thank you so much for your consideration of being a part of our Impact Partner Team. We are wildly passionate about knowing God and making Him known in the earth!!! We know that you have a valuable part in the kingdom of God!!!! And we believe that God will greatly multiply your seed!!!


All gifts are tax deductible when made payable to W.I.L.D. (Winning In Life Daily) Ministries.


Thank you for investing in the ministry of making Him known in all the earth!!!


In His love and ours,
W.I.L.D. (Winning In Life Daily) Ministries
Wildly Passionate about knowing God and making Him known!






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