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                             What's happening!!!

                                             What does WILD ministries have going on this month?!

                                                    Don't miss out on what God is doing all over our Nation, check out some upcoming events below!!


WILD ministry has a powerful traveling teaching ministry. Mavis brings powerful messages all over the states to help bring a deeper passion, understanding, and love for the heart of our Father to all those who hunger for more! Find out how to bring WILD Ministries to your area!

WILD has a heart to bring encouragement to our often crazy lives. Stay in touch with upcoming news, events, and exciting things that are happening with WILD ministries! 


WILD Womens Prison Ministry
Foundations Theological Institute

WILD has a heart to help these women see their true potential and let them know that their mistakes and their past does not define who they are or define their future. We serve a God of restoration and redemption and we want to bring these ladies a freedom that they have never experienced before, a freedom found only in Jesus Christ and His blood!!! Find out how you can suport this ministry and be a part of the transformation in these womens lives!

WILD established this mobile ministry school with the hearts of the hungry in mind. In days such as these with growing deception and controversy even amidst  evangelical theologians it is imperative that we restore Biblical truths and return to sound Biblical doctrine. For those who have a desire to know what the Bible says about foundational doctrines and desire to grow in their walk with Christ and the knowledge of God, this may be just what you're looking for. Find out how you can bring these informative courses to your area!

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