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Prison Ministry

WILD Ministry 2015

We love this continued opportunity to minister the love and hope of God to these precious women! Our first service was Sunday, December 21st, 2015 and it was AMAZING!  The women have great hunger and were greatly receptive to the Word!!!  The service time with them just rocked and they are so hungry for more.  The Lord connected our hearts with these precious ones as we watched the Holy Spirit pour out His love upon them, infusing them with Encouragement, Hope, and Purpose!  We are beyond words with gratitude for the blessing it is and will be for the opportunity to watch love transform these lives!


     The Federal Correctional Institution, Waseca (FCI Waseca) is a low-security United States federal prison for female offenders.  It is one of only six in the entire nation.   It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice and holds up to 1,000 women.  These women are provided with access to programs and training that will help to rehabilitate them so that they’re ready to get their lives back on track when released.  And we are thrilled to be able to sow into their lives to help them do this! Our initial meetings with these women have been phenomenal and we are so grateful to our partners who through both financial means and prayer make this ministry possible!


    Please Keep this ministry in your prayers as we need continued favor with the chaplain, as well as the financial means to be able to keep going!

Foundations Theological Institute

Mavis Kurkowski 2015


Mavis has a heart to see passionate people grow in their understanding of Biblical Theology!! She started teaching classes at her home church and for an internship at the local prayer house and has since started traveling around with her mobile ministry school doing week long intense classes, along with reading assignments and a text book, for those that are willing and ready to commit. She works hard to make the doctrines easy to understand for everyone but still life changing and most importantly true to the Word of God. These classes help to build a strong foundation for students to build upon in their further studies and time with God. Don't miss out on bringing this powerful tool to your area!!


Exciting BIG announcement for FTI students and future students, check out the new FTI page to get caught up and support the growing school!! To have Mavis bring the school to your area please message us we would love to send you more information!

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WILD Ministries - June 2021

     In our era of entitlement we have genuinely lost sight of sacrificial Christianity. We use the word love so flippantly.  Even when we hear it referenced in a sermon or see it in a book title we think, “oh yeah, I know what that’s about.”  Yet, do we truly grasp what God’s implication of this term is?  Is the verb of love being displayed in our lives?  Is the fragrance of love evident in our relationships?  Is true biblical love even or ever being demonstrated in our midst?

   How easy it is to float in the river of religion, going through the motions, fulfilling obligations.  Void of love, we keep up appearances and judgmentally criticize what religion deems unworthy. Love pours out all it has.  Religion only gives what is required.  Love is undignified, its only aim is to touch the heart of its object.  Religion keeps to its borders, withholding affection and deeming the radical as unbecoming.  Love understands its deep need for reciprocity.  Religion is self-satisfied.

  When we have such a magnanimous example of how to love – how can we give Him less of ourselves?  How can we live tepid lives that go through the motions of expressing this love to the world? Romans13:8TPT Let love be what we are known for.  Let’s create an atmosphere of love and love loud!!


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