Throughout centuries of church history, the world has experienced a church that walks in the ways of man and humanistic determination.  It is time for the Bride of Christ to reflect the beauty of her King and walk in the core values of God and His Kingdom.  Doing this will release a flow of God’s power and glory upon the earth, bringing to fulfillment God’s great desire for the church and this world.   The Church, both corporately and individually, must align herself with the core values of God and His Kingdom.  Core values are those values or beliefs that guide our daily behavior.  These help to guide us in the course of how to live our lives.  We need to regain and re-cultivate the magnificence and the majesty of God in our hearts!  As we look into the wonders of His Person we will be escorted into deeper revelation and relationship with our wonderful God!
In creation, God initially created an atmosphere out of the essence of Himself in readiness for His family of humanity. There are Creationary and Edenic principles that the Lord wants us to grasp and implement. In Back to Eden we look into these principles and begin to understand that it is God’s desire for our hearts to grasp the revelation of His eternal principles and allow them to govern our decisions and transform lives, releasing the Divine dynamics of His life and Being into our circles of influence in this world! Be challenged and propelled by these revelatory messages.

Back to Eden

  • 2 CD Series $10!

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