Humanity’s original state was a flesh body filled with the LIFE of God. A human walking and living in this earth realm – carrying and distributing the LIFE of God. God supplied the Tree of Life in the Garden as representative and
representational of the Son of God. If Adam and Eve would have chosen this Tree they would have remained in a perpetual state of God’s LIFE!! This portrays the heart of God in offering us to eat from the Tree of Life through the ages and into eternity!! God gives to humanity the potential for LIFE in its highest magnitude! This LIFE transcends the natural and is of itself the essence of God and the eternal. Jesus came that we might HAVE this LIFE! Bringing God’s LIFE to us was part of Christ’s Mission. This LIFE is not a time-line – it is a state of being! It is the very LIFE of God!! In this series discover how to eat of the Tree of Life and move from RECOGNITION to REVELATION to LIVING in the REALITY of this LIFE!

Back to Life!!!

  • 5 CD series $25!!!

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