The church is in the midst of a tremendous shift. We must break out of man-made structures and traditions into God’s purpose and original intent for the church. Are we actively functioning out of our identity? Are we aware of what we are carrying? Do we know who we are?
It is critical that we, as believers, align ourselves in order to be ready to shift with Him. This is both an identity and a perspective that we need to take on and function out of. The more we know who we are, the more we will function in our Kingdom identity and power! We must breakout of our world-based/negative/hopeless perspectives and begin to own and project God’s perspective. There is always hope! God always redeems! God wants to champion His cause through our lives lived out in Christ’s sufficiency. We must have a reformation of the realization of our identity as God’s children, as New Creations, as Spirit-filled believers, as God carriers, as those who are united with Christ!

Christ's Sufficiency

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