In the innocence of the pristine Garden, the war of all wars began. Its target: the
knowledge of God. What we believe about God is the most important thing about us.
This not only frames our belief system but also shapes how we see ourselves and our
world. Religion and humanity have made it about so many other things – but central
to our lives, our success, our happiness, and living out our God-given destinies is an
accurate knowledge of God.
God has been working all throughout redemptive history to restore what was lost in
the Garden. Not only in regards to salvation, but at the core of what makes us alive...
we must regain that Divine spark and be revived. True revival will only be released and
sustained as pursuing the knowledge of God becomes our foremost ambition and desire.
Let’s believe together for a restoration of hunger and yearning for God and move
together towards that end.

Revival Key: Growing in the Knowledge of God

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