One of the greatest gifts that God has given His people is the written Word of God. In our generation, the esteem and value for God’s Word has been greatly marginalized, thus many Christians are experiencing and witnessing in our world a great divide between what the Scriptures promises and what we are experiencing. A contributor to this epidemic is that we have tried to capitalize on living victorious lives outside of the parameters of God’s Word. In Word Warrior hear the clarion call to return to a heart posture of honor and reverence for the Word of God; discover the practical life skills of abiding in the Word that will set you on a transformational trajectory towards experiencing the Christian life as Christ intended when He spoke: “you shall know the truth and it will make you free.” Through this study, move into a deeper abiding relationship with Christ through the revelation of His Person through His Word!

Word Warrior!

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We invite you be a part of this and to sow into what God is doing!!  We are continuing to be encouraged by your enthusiasm and blessing our new ministry facility!  Every day I stand in awe of what God has done and is doing! We are getting settled in and continue to make improvements both inside and outside of the building! We know this building is just a tool in the hand of God!  There is so much ahead!! Please check out the WILD Miracle page for new pictures of the journey as the WILD Miracle continues and stay tuned for important updates!! Please continue to keep this in prayer during this exciting season of transition and advancement!

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