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Fall at W.I.L.D. Ministries


  WOW!!! Fall came and went so quickly and now we are in the cold of winter and through all the fun holiday season, time flies when you are having fun!! We are certainly having fun here at WILD! God has opened some new doors and opportunities of ministering and the ministry school! Besides all of our amazing yearly events, we got to host the school at a brand-new location, and we had the privilege of meeting some new friends at a conference in October as well!

  We are so blessed by the support and prayers of all of you!! As we wrap up another year, we are just so full of gratitude and expectancy for all that has been and all that is yet to come!! Stay tuned for more to come and we are praying that God will divinely connect you in all the ways you are seeking in your own lives as well. 2022 here we come!! Let's Go!!!

Want to bring Mavis Kurkowski and WILD Ministries to your church/area or just want more information? Please send us an email or fill out the contact us information and we will get in touch with you!!!

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We want to provide some great resources to be an encouragement to you throughout your week. Sometimes we go to church on Sunday morning and get all pumped up and we walk out the doors and life smacks us in the face. We all need encouragement and a voice of hope in our lives!! Follow us on social media and together we can fight the good fight!!!


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2022 Word of the year!!!

Dr. Mavis Kurkowski 2022


   God is giving us the green light!  It’s time for advancement!! The way is being opened before us!  The time for delay and pause has passed.  It is time to step forward into all that God has for us!  It’s time for us to rise to the occasion of stepping into God’s predetermined plans and pathways!  The time is now for Change; for us to Challenge/Push past limitations; Defy the enemy; and step into our Inheritance!  Let’s Go!!!