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Spring at W.I.L.D. Ministries


We got to get back to a somewhat normal spring travel schedule. Churches are opening back up and God is using the willing remnant to show His people what to do in this hour!! God is so good and wants so much for us to align with Him and live in that goodness daily!!

*We got to head out to Kansas for our March FTI class - Church History II!! We enjoyed watching how God has continued to use the church for His purposes even in it's broken divided condition. God always has a plan; He just needs a people willing and obedient.  

*We had the opportunity to travel to Missouri as well and do some revival meetings. This was a great time of realigning our hearts with God's and soaking in the Presence of God!! We also got the privilege to meet some more brothers and sisters in the faith on our travels south!

*We ended the season with a visit to our Life Connections family and got to be a part of the exciting growth and expansion they are experiencing there!!

 We are praying for you all in this time of distancing and believing we are all coming out stronger than we went in.

Want to bring Mavis Kurkowski and WILD Ministries to your church/area or just want more information? Please send us an email or fill out the contact information and we will get in touch with you!!!

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We want to provide some great resources to be an encouragement to you throughout your week. Sometimes we go to church on Sunday morning and get all pumped up and we walk out the doors and life smacks us in the face. We all need encouragement and a voice of hope in our lives!! Follow us on social media and together we can fight the good fight!!!


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Doctorate Complete!!!

Dr. Mavis Kurkowski 2020

That's Right!!! We have a Dr. of Theology in the house folks!!! We at WILD are so proud of Mavis for all her hard work and dedication to the Lord and the program! She completed all the requirements with flying colors!!! Let's all send Dr. Mavis Kurkowski some love any way we can and let's let her know how much she is loved!!! Congratulations Dr. Mavis, we LOVE you!!!

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