The Beauty of Good Friday!!

In our religiously saturated minds of the details surrounding these events, we understand the progression, we move from Good Friday through Easter and onto Monday, Tuesday...etc., life continues. However, there was that Friday. There was the way of Calvary. There were the mocking, jeering crowds. There were the relentless, driving, scourging, totalitarian, dominating Roman governmental presence and pressure, pushing the broken and bleeding, prosecute unto punishment - Jewish man along the way. There was the rough wood of that cross, the execution stake, possibly already stained with someone else's life poured out at the hands of the merciless. Then there were those nails to hold the body that had already willingly given his life from before the foundation of the world.Jesus suffered more than we could ever imagine or understand, yet we must not turn away in horror but bow our hearts in gratitude. No, the gospel did not come cheaply; it came through Jesus at the cost of all. Our grateful humility is the antidote for our passionless routine and worship. We serve a Savior who thought we were worth going all the way to Calvary for! He courageously met the demands of Satan's sin to free God's captured creation. Thank God there was a Friday

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