The Keeping Power of God!!!!!

1 Peter 1:3-5 NKJV shows us that there is a keeping power which God provides for His people. This word “kept” in the Greek is a compound word meaning first of all “to be a watcher in advance; prior to; and to mount guard as a sentinel.” And “to discern clearly; to attend to; to hem in and to protect.”

Peter is reminding the church that we don’t have to be caught off guard, to be swayed and

swirled around in the torrential outpouring of fear that satan is offering and propagating in the

earth. We can have advance knowledge and discernment. We can be held steadfast and strong

in the arms of the One Who spread them wide on the cross for our salvation. God’s strength

and promises are well able to sustain us, no matter how difficult and dark things appear. God’s

grace is sufficient for us!!! May this be a source of strength and empowerment to you and may the keeping power of God be so evident in our lives that fear and despair are banished and God’s faith arises in great power throughout lives!! May God’s grace rest richly upon us all!!

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