Hope in a Living God!!!!

Heb. 6:19-20 NKJV-

When our hope is in the Living God and His never failing Word, the anchor of hope holds us

steadfast and sure until we see God’s Word come to pass. It will strengthen and support us in

the stormy days of our struggles so that we can be confident that we will see the tide turn and

the glorious light of God’s Promises shining upon our path.

In times of trials and pressure our emotions can run rampant, fear can seize and our

circumstances are all we see. But hope like an anchor holds us steadfast and keeps us tethered

to the comforting and life-giving promises of God. Though the storms may rage, we have a

hope that holds us safe and secure. We have a hope that knows there is help and provision in

the God Who holds our times in His hands!

God understands the weariness of the journey. His loving tender care takes note of the

difficulty of the way. We must keep declaring our hope in God no matter what may come. As

we do this we will experience renewed strength and we will not faint. We are praying this very

thing for all of you! God’s hope will hold you fast! May His eternal hope release strength and

joy into your very souls today!!!

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