Forgive Them!!!

"A God like the Trinity couldn’t be close to people like us without a cross." - William H. WIllimon

- “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” – Luke 23:34

Jesus speaks the first word not to us but to God. (prayer) For three years he has spoken to us, taught, exhorted, and guided us. Now, as He hung on the cross, Jesus, turning from us, speaks to His Father. The graciousness of our Savior, notice His mercy and His love, before He asks anything for Himself He asks for us!!! Forgiveness is the first step, the bridge toward us that only God can build. The first word into our darkness is, ‘Father, forgive. God first reaches for us even when we didn’t want Him, before we could deserve Him, and when we weren’t asking or seeking. "Father, forgive them" - Jesus knew that without forgiveness being the first word there would be no meeting of God and humanity. We see the Trinity – the Holy Father God, The Broken Son, and The Holy Spirit - suffering the pain that intimacy with the human race inevitably entails for any God who would come so close to us. Here is the beauty of Jesus in the midst of terrifying levels of hatred and cruelty. Hatred crushed His body but His heart still beats with love…I want them…leave them alone!! What a God!! What love!! What mercy!! He thought of us long before we even realized we needed Him!! We must always remember no matter what we are facing that Jesus faced it first with us in mind the whole time. He was reaching for us from the moment He created us and because of the cross we now have access to a God who never stopped loving us despite our shortcomings. We were and always will be first on His mind and all we have to do is reach back for Him and He will meet us right where we are!

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