Living Invisible!! Part 2

-John 14:9-11 NKJV- What if we lived our lives in such a way not to bring recognition to who we are and what we have accomplished but to bring recognition to Jesus, to God? Jesus wouldn’t even speak on His on cognizance; He would only speak things as directed by the Father and with the resolve to bring forward God’s plans and purposes. What if it could be said of us: “When you have seen her/him, you have seen the Lord?” What if that was the most important thing to us? What if we wanted to live invisible? Even in His final prayer, the desire that was foremost in His heart was bringing His Father glory. It was the framework of His life and His death. It was His preeminent thought and life purpose – to work out of the Father’s heart and preform His will and His desire? - John 17:1-4 NKJV - Many want the glory of Jesus but few want the pathway to it. His pathway was death, indignity, and the scorn of society. Jesus walked through these not for His glory first, but the Father’s. Jesus had fulfilled His mission by losing His life to bring God glory. Invisibility had brought visibility to the glory of God and the very process of His death would bring life and salvation to all humanity. All of this brought a restoration of glory to God, the only One worthy of such honor. Jesus gave His life to the work of God and finished that work despite inscrutable suffering and shame. When Jesus taught His disciples to pray He taught them to pray in a self-less manner, a manner which sought Heaven and God’s will. The Lord’s Prayer first seeks the honor and the exaltation of God’s name and seeks His will! - Matthew 26:39 NKJV - Most of our modern prayers are earth to heaven directed rather than heaven to earth directed. Do we pray more for our plans or His will? Do we pray more for our petitions or for His praise, His exaltation, His glorification? In the hours preceding His death Jesus sought this with blooding dripping from His brow. What if we lived invisible?

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