The Harvest!!

John 4:34-38 NKJV - Growing up a farmer’s daughter I still sense the expediency of the harvest every fall. It’s a sense that everything hangs on the harvest, we must be ready and we must expend our energy in gathering what has grown through our labors. Spiritually, this is so evidently what is on the Lord’s heart. One of the definitions for urgency is “pressing importance requiring speedy action.” This describes accurately both the natural harvest season and the season of harvest we are in spiritually and historically. God wants us to spend our energies and resources on what His Son has labored for and that is souls! Jesus has sown His life for the harvest we are to gather. He suffered immeasurably so that we could enter the fields and reap what His life was sown for. We must not take this as a mundane duty or hype to fire us up for evangelism. There is a life flow in the kingdom and now is the time, and now is the season for us to function in great expectancy for what the Lord wants to do in the earth! We are in the midst of harvest, fields that have been ripened, which were already white unto harvest 2,000 years ago. There is a hunger, there is a desire for truth and for what is right. It is time for us to begin to have an expectation for God to break in and show Himself strong on our behalf. As we press in and allow our lives to be spent as a living testimony, we will be those witnesses Jesus commissioned in the days of the early church.

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