Mother of Jesus!

Thus says the LORD: “Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool. Where is the house that you will build Me? And where is the place of My rest? For all those things My hand has made, and all those things exist,” says the LORD. “But on this one will I look: on him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My word” (Isaiah 66:1-2).

For those who desire to move in God’s blessing, for those who desire to have God looking upon them, being attentive to their situations, there must be a trembling at His Word! The posture of our heart towards God and His Word releases a reciprocal response from Heaven’s throne! This heart posture would denote reverence, honor, and respect towards God’s Word, as well as responsive obedience. Mary, Jesus’ mother, is an outstanding example of someone who honored God’s Word and consequently was blessed by it! When Mary was presented the privileged opportunity to carry God’s Son, note her blessed response: “Then Mary said, ‘Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.’ And the angel departed from her” (Luke 1:38).

Even though God, through the angelic messenger, made a seemingly impossible and ridiculous statement that she, as a virgin, would conceive in her womb and bring forth a Son, she courageously took God at His Word. Her heroic and sacrificial response as well as her actions of honor changed the world forever, as she yielded her womb to be the place of the Divine incarnation of God’s Son. This Son would grow up to carry out God’s redemptive purposes upon a cross. Mary’s responsive honor to the Word cooperated with God in setting this salvation event into motion out of eternity and into time and humanity. Honor and its practice open up rich avenues of blessings that even reach forward generationally with their rewards. Let us respond as Mary in this busy and "me" driven world!! We need to posture our hearts towards God and make decisions that will reflect a heart and life of honor!!

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