What is Needed Most!

One of the greatest needs in the body of Christ is a restoration of passion. As human beings we all have passions and desires but what is it that we are burning for? I believe more than anything it is a time for the church to burn for the honor of God. Honor is one of the most neglected facets of our understanding of Kingdom principles. We long for miracles, manifestations and changes to our culture and society. Truly these can only be realized, built, and sustained on the foundation of honor.

Ps. 11:3 says, “If the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?” This is the epidemic of our society: a loss and a lack of honor. Honor is not something that can be compartmentalized for certain ceremonies or military endeavors. It is not. Honor is foundational to a life that God can bless and bring to success and fulfilment.

We have longed for the works of God and the power of God to be released. The manifestations we are looking for are tied to the honor of God and its display. We are on the threshold of the greatest days this earth has ever seen! God wants all of us to be right in the middle of the great overflow of His glory and the great outpouring of His goodness upon the earth. In these days, it is absolutely vital that we are positioned correctly as to not fall short in anyway and miss the blessings of God! Honor is a huge part of this alignment!

The idea of honor encapsulates so much more than human conferred rank/honor/prestige. True biblical honor has its roots in love! True biblical honor is motivated by love – not fear-based. God is not a mafia boss waiting to punish us when we fail. He is desiring a people that will choose to love Him, choose to follow Him, and choose to honor Him with their lives.

We have mistaken God’s love for us, in terms of a standardless faith, as if He had no requirements of us at all. God has given us a standard of living, a way to do this life that will bring glory to Him and will cause us to function in His power and manifest His ways in the earth. He has made this very clear to us throughout the Word of God. This is where we have fallen short; we have thought we could determine our own standards and ways of doing things. This kind of mindset will not be one that will engender an atmosphere of honor. Honor is the passage way to hosting the Presence and power of God! What the world needs most is a revelation of God through His people!!! This will be evidenced as we learn to live honor!

Heavenly Father, I want to burn with honor for Your name and for Your ways! Help me to see past my culture and the human standards of right and wrong. I want to live a life that is fully devoted to You and Your honor! Open my eyes to see this concept in its Biblical dimension! I need an honor revolution in my mind and life! I don’t want to miss what You are pouring out! Holy Spirit please teach me about honor!

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