Shaping Identity in Our Children!

What a privilege to have a part in shaping the identity of our children! Each one of them is like a package of potential – ready to be unleashed on this world to bring impact in significant ways. They are influencers, leaders, and joy carriers. We want to be the loudest voice in their development, the greatest advocate for their cause. We want them to have an identity that matches their God-given destiny! Let’s release these powerful declarations over them:

All things are possible!

Belief in God gives them an exciting future!

Call those things that be not as though they were – pull out their destiny!

Delighting in the Lord releasing desire in their heart!

Excellence is what they are made to carry!

Fight the good fight of faith!

Goodness and mercy are following them every day!

Hope is their anchor!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Knowing Him is what they were born to do!

Love is the most important thing! Love all those around you no matter what!

Might and power are on the inside of you because God dwells there!

No weapon formed against them can prosper! Live in this confidence!

Obedience opens the door for blessing in their lives!

Prayer is talking to God and He wants to be a part of everything they do!

Quietness of soul keeps them steadfast trusting in the Lord!

Royal identity belongs to them! They are kings!

Spirit of God on the inside empowering them for every task!

Truth surrounds them and keeps them from influences outside of their good!


Vision for the future fuels their destined path!

Winning attitudes!

Xceptional work ethic and determination!

Yielded to God’s voice and the authorities in their lives!

Zeal for God fuels their decisions and keeps them focused!

We need a generation that thinks of themselves as capable, ready to conqueror the world!! We want them to be certain they can accomplish anything and never shrink back from trying as if failure was an option! Let’s be the voice of positive possibility in their lives – shaping an identity counter to the negative voices of this age! Creating a positive affirming atmosphere empowers them to see the best in others, to call out their gifts, and encourage them to a higher level!! We want them to be the change we need to see in this world! Let’s help them by equipping them with a strong Biblical identity that will move them forward in their destiny!

Oh Precious Father! You understand and love my children more than I ever could. I agree with your desire for them! Help these good words affirm them and go deep into their hearts! Let them take root and grow up into a strong harvest through their lives! They were born into this world to mark it with a significant indication of Your Presence for Your glory! Let your kingdom be advanced through their lives! In Jesus’ Name!!!

Please go to on the WILD Words page to get a fresh start on the school year with this impactful resource of our W.I.L.D. Children’s Confessions!!!

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