#Be Present

If there is one word that hangs like a banner over our society, our generation, it would be “distracted.” There is so much going on in the world around us, plenty of upheaval, opinions and protests. Are we really focused on what is important or are we distracted by an unending flow of information, entertainment, and downright social buzz.

One of our greatest needs is to be present – to be in our today – to live the life God has given us to live, influencing and impacting others around us. So many things vie for our attention and our focus. We’re not realizing how critical this is, yet our focus determines the direction of our lives and what we are living for. So often our attention is given to the lesser things that steal our time, devotion, and even our opportunity for impacting those around us. Prov. 4:23-25 NLT The enemy loves to distract us so that he can detour our destinies, rob us from living in the moment and enjoying what God has provided for us.

It’s so easy to get caught up in comparison and be swept along in the flood of our consumer mindset of always wanting/needing more! There is a great press to always have the latest, greatest technological advances, new fashion trends, and a deluge of clutter that we don’t really need. Today it’s not so much about keeping up with the Jones as it is just keeping up! Learning to be content is something Paul encouraged us to do! This would go a long ways towards keeping more peace in our lives as well as curb the distractions that are bombarding us.

What if we encouraged our families to spend more time in their Bibles than they do on their phones? What if we gave as much time in service and volunteering as we spend on social media daily? If this is truly 4.7 hours per day – how would this change our world?

What if there was more family face time (minus screens) than individualized screen time? What if we spent more time living than scrolling through other people’s lives? What if we had more interactive relationships rather than cyber connections? When we look back over the landscapes of our lives it is quite certain that we won’t be wishing we had focused more time on the palm of our hands rather than those we loved who were around us.

No one can change the past. This is a cold reality. We must leave our pasts at the foot of the cross and turn our focus towards our future. No one can navigate their car safely by staring in the rear view mirror. Your destiny is not behind you – God has laid it out in front of you! Be present in today and reach for your tomorrow. Now is the time to live in today. God needs us to be present in the present He created us for! The people around us need us to be present!

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