Living Life Full On!!!

We must intentionally posture ourselves for this new era of kingdom advancement! I believe it is more important than ever to live life on purpose! Someone once said if you don’t plan your day it will be planned for you! For many of us, this is exactly what is happening minutes slip into hours which slip into days and then years! We must learn to live in the now! Now is really all we have! So many times our past tries to dominate our present – leaving us stuck in memories and/or regret. We were not created to live in yesterday! Now is our time!

If we aren’t living in the past, we often live in the future…well someday___________. We create our somedays out of the daily things we do TODAY! We must live our todays to shape our tomorrows and create the kind of future we want to live, both for ourselves and for the next generation! Romans 4:16-19 NKJV What are we hearing God say over our descendants? We must declare the future we want for them and live our lives in such a way that that future can come to pass! A major key to this is living our lives wholeheartedly!

We cannot be difference-makers and live passionless, lethargic lives! God is looking for those who will abandon themselves to love and living lives that are given to the purposes of God. We must be willing to drain each day of its purpose and God’s intent for our lives! We will never have today to give to God again and gain what He has called us to gain in this hour!

Somehow this distracted generation must regain a simple and singular focus and pursue God with fresh vision and dynamism! The world is rife with division and cynicism; many have a negative outlook of the future! We live in a time of enormous opportunity, as we live our lives on purpose and love as if we mean it, He will be so evident in our midst! The hunger in this generation is for something that is real! God is that answer! We must live our lives full-on! Not just with a lot of zeal and passion, but with love that is directed into the purpose of God. Jesus was more concerned with us not getting so stuck in our thoughts of tomorrow that we didn’t live out today in order to bring our tomorrows to pass! Anxiety can overtake us and as we drown in our cares, we lose the opportunity to make today count! We must live and love with reckless abandon in our today! If we are going to live differently we must think differently! Our life is the product of our thoughts [Proverbs 23:7]. My prayer for all of us is that we will live our lives with greater focus, passion, determination, and lavish love! God is calling us into stronger connected living which will produce our development in God’s destiny, divine assignments, and Holy Spirit surprises!

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