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A Breath of Life!!! 

My childhood is a blur of abuse; physical, sexual, and emotional. These abuses followed me throughout my childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood. As a result, I grew into a person who always lived on the outside looking in. I cloaked myself in bitterness, self-hatred, shame, envy, and gloom. I did not want anyone to come near me, human touch made me sick, and I was not the kind of mom I wanted to be for my kids. I was dead inside and longed to be really dead. 

I met Jesus when I was 12 - I desperately needed something to believe in, but like everyone else in my life, I kept Him at arms length. I heard the Word and studied the Word, but didn't believe it was meant for me. There were moments when the walls surrounding my life were cracked by a movement of the Spirit and I saw glimpses of light but I was quick to fortify the crack and retreat into the darkness that was my life.

Then I met Mavis during a Women's Retreat at Cornerstone Church and she was teaching on being Released from the Residue of Shame. Her message touched a chord in my heart and ignited a spark. I went forward for prayer and was afraid to let Mavis touch me, but she prayed for me and a crack appeared in my tomb. For the first time in my life, I allowed myself to believe in hope! During the next service, she spoke about Lazarus and how Jesus called him to come forth. During the closing, she said that God was calling people to come out. My crack widened and my spirit longed for the freedom she spoke about. I went forward for prayer and through Mavis, the Holy Spirit breathed the breath of life into me and for the first time in my life, I was free to initiate and receive a hug. On that day, God raised me from the dead and started the process of removing the shame and its effects from my life!! 


A Renewed Hope!!! 

The last two years of my life have been very challenging; my health has been declining with no end in sight, I lost a position that I felt was right where God wanted me, my finances fell apart and my family life was suffering. I was losing hope quickly. I held on to my faith through all the physical challenges but when the other areas started to fall apart it knocked the wind out of my sails. I started to doubt my calling, purpose, and even God's faithfulness. To avoid the hurt I started to close myself off,  my prayer life and Bible studies became stale. I didn't lose my faith completely and knew God wanted me to push through and forgive but I couldn't seem to gain any traction. I attended a retreat and in one of Mavis' messages she said, "God wants you to know the famine is over!" Just the thought of this dry season having an end was overwhelming and my eyes filled with tears. I asked for prayer that night and felt God heal my wound and reignite the fire in my soul. The heavy burden I had carried was lifted and I felt I could finally breathe easy. 

    I woke up the next morning feeling so much peace, I knew that God was in control and was working on my behalf. I know He has a place for me and will lead me to it. I have a new hope for my future and my family. I want God to use me and I feel strong enough to let Him. Thank you God for the message and thank you Mavis for being bold enough and obedient as His messenger!



God is a Lifter of Burdens!!!

During ministry time I wrote down a long time regret on my blank paper, I had a situation where I felt I should've done more to protect a young child. God lifted that burden and through Mavis told me, "This isn't for you, but for someone you are ministering to. God is imparting into you so you can impart His Word to someone else." I know who that someone grandson. Thank you Jesus!! and thank you Mavis for allowing God to work through you!

My God is Able!!!

I'm 63 years old and as a child, I would always run up to people to talk to them, and I would get into trouble for it. Because of this, I cannot approach people to talk to them. Sister Mavis ministered to me and I had a real touch from the Lord. So, during an ice breaker I worked very hard to talk to 20 women so I could win a gift to give to Sister Mavis, from my heart. - Judith

The Lord does hear the cry of those that mourn and He walks with us through the trials.

It's been 9 months today since our beautiful daughter, Victoria, went to be with our heavenly Father at the age of 30. It's been quite the journey of life losing my father and 5 other relatives within a period of 9 months, along with my job. One thing I know is that the Lord does hear the cry of those that mourn and He walks with us through the trials. The Lord has allowed me the past year to draw closer to Him more than ever and Mavis' CD's have been a gift from Him. The "Exodus" series is a teaching everyone should have and truly meditate on. It will get you out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. "He came down to bring us up". Mavis speaks the Word that will teach you how to get out of the bondages and break any strongholds that are not to His Glory. "Mount Up" also brings powerful teaching as this was the beginning of a rough year that the Lord has worked with us through. Mavis is not only a friend that has always been there for our family, she also has a compassionate heart that is evident in her teaching and speaks volumes of the love the Lord has for us. No matter what product you have of Mavis' (which I have many) I can guarantee that your heart will be touched for His glory. Mavis is sincere and has a genuine passion for the Lord which radiates with whomever she is communicating with.

Revealing The Truth of God's Word

Thank you for allowing God to use you to bring forth His truths and word.  I just love all your CD series since I can't  always hear you personally.  Purchased the CD's, keep them in my car to listen to on long trips.  Before I realize it, I've reached my destination and was blessed in route!  I love the way you enfold the Word to reveal truths, instruct and encourages in applying the knowledge God has given.  God bless you and keep you in His love and Word.


Such a wonderful Presence of the Lord - it was so special to me!!!

"Working in the ministry and helping in the M&M Retreat I watched as so many women came forth to receive from the Lord. The presence of the Lord was so very real that night as Mavis took personal time to minister to each one.  Suddenly I felt a strong drawing of the Lord to take hold of Mavis. I remember telling her that I was dry and thirsty and that I was there to get what I needed from the Lord and that I would not let her go . I was surprised at myself when I said that, but Mavis locked eyes with me and told me to take off my shoes that Jesus wanted to wash my hurting and weary feet....from there I only remember sitting down and feeling such a wonderful presence of the Lord and then I could see who I knew was Jesus kneeling on one knee in front of me....His face was right in front of me and I remember reaching out to Him and I did not want to ever leave. When my arms grew tired He pulled my hands to his face and I felt his beard. He said keep your eyes on me always. Don't know whether it was a vision or what but it was so special to me that I did not want to speak of it to anyone. I know that the Lord wants to spend personal one on one time with everyone of us. We just have to really want to sit at His feet." - Kathy

I truly believe we were in the Presence of God!

"Thank You, Jesus!!!  The M & M retreat was the most God-filled experience I have ever seen!  I truly believe that we were in the Presence of God.  I actually saw angels. PRAISE, THANKS, and GLORY BE TO GOD!!!" - Teresa


I will never be the same!!!

I attend the fall M & M Women's Retreat.  The Holy Spirit really moved in that room!  He touched many lives and healed many women....I was one of those women.  Mavis shares a passion for the truth and for helping others to live not only a Christ-centered life, but a victorious and empowered life!  I was encouraged and strengthened!

I saw a beautiful woman

Friday night during worship and the service I saw in the Spirit an iridescence... It was like the presence of angels coming to each person with a gift. I "felt" it was the Holy Spirit delivering to us the gift of beauty and the recognition that women are special and beautiful - on purpose... I have to tell you it was breathtaking. This morning when I looked in the mirror, I saw a beautiful woman. I haven't done that in 49 years...... I whispered a 'Thank You, Jesus' - and thank you for the messages... I'm still chewing! WOW...

Free of Bondage

Thank you Jesus for getting me to the M&M retreat this weekend! Oh! I can't sing praises enough for setting me free of the bondage that has held me back for so long now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God Bless You!!!

Broken Addiction

The presence of God was awesome at the M&M Conference. Saturday you were talking to me. My food addiction was broken. God is so AWESOME! Thank for being HIS MESSENGER!

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